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  1. Nikhilguitar

    Nikhilguitar New Member

    Plz help me
    Actually I wanted to know about how to improve ur strumming
    means while playing my hand do not roll quiet smoothly
    so Guitar sounds lil bit more harsh n not soothing kind
    what kind of exercise shud i go for to improve my strumming??
    thanx in advance
  2. mishigun

    mishigun New Member

    well nikhil strumming needs practice...
    while playing guitar do not move hand from the shoulder or the hand knee.. move only your wrist...
    and do not hammer on the strings move your hand smoothly ...
    if you do strum with your hand only the nails of yuor fingers should contact the strings and if you are playing with the plucktrum only a little part of plcktrm should contact the stringd... and try to play the rythem with some prerecorded songs by other guitarists ... that will also help you...

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