REQ: Old songs Tabs REQuest!!!

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by drunkpunk, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. drunkpunk

    drunkpunk New Member

    Well i'll be glad if someone is able to tab out the following songs...

    1) Phool tumhey bheja hai khat mein
    2) Khelona jaan kar dil ko.... from the movie khelona
    3) Tujhey meri mohabat ka sahara mil gaya hota
    4) Mujhey aur jeene ki chaahat na hoti
    5) Aye dil dil ki duniya main aisa haal bhi hota hai, bahir koi hasta hai
    6) Zindagi main kabhi koi aye na rabba - Musafir

    Well these songs are gonna be great when played on guitar but in "TABS" NO CHORDS!!!!! I dont want chords for this song I want "TABS" for these songs Thanks!!
  2. karthik vasista

    karthik vasista New Member


    hey am new 2 dis community...

    THE HELPER New Member

    Hello drunk punk,

    I am forwarding your request to a tabber hope you will get some songs soon.
  4. drunkpunk

    drunkpunk New Member

    wow thats really great, thanks alot man

    THE HELPER New Member

    Hello drunkpunk ,
    2 of your songs are now present in the forum.
    To go to khilona jaan kar enter KHILONA in the seach option .
    To go to phool tumhe bheja hai khat mein enter PHOOL in the search option.
    Both the tabs submitted by visorchestragrp.

    I hope that more of your songs are get submitted in the forum soon.


    THE HELPER New Member

    Hello drunkpunk ,

    Do you still need the tab of song of Musafir : Zindagi mein kabhi koi

    If yes let me know .

    And the first 4 songs out of 6 you requested is now present in the forum
  7. devil666

    devil666 New Member

    Hey Dudes!!! if anyone could send me the tab of "Menay Pucha Chandse ke dekha hei kahi, mera yaar sa kohi". It would be Great

    THE HELPER New Member

    Well the song Zindagi mein kabhi ( MUSAFIR )is present in the forum .

    As on your behalf I make a req. as there is no reply from you,
    Devil666 do you wish that forward your req. to some of the tabbers.
    Reply as quick as you can, to get your songs tabs quickly.

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