REQ: Natpukullae-chennai 600028 chords

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  1. srikool

    srikool New Member

    hi guyz......................
    can anyone post the chords for the song Natpukullae frm the movie chennai 600028...........i think the whole scale is in Amaj...........but im not sure so wanted some help frm u guyz
  2. ksdil

    ksdil New Member

    I have been looking for the chords for this song too. Can someone post the chords please?
  3. demlose

    demlose New Member

    hey i think it got it!!!!!!

    i think it is

    A F G C(then it keeps repeatn)
    im not sure so if there r any corrections please rep

    the strummin pattern is like this


    x= mute
  4. mithooran

    mithooran New Member


    I think these are the right chords
    Am C G C
  5. srikool

    srikool New Member


    i think G doesnt come in th song................A & C majors come............
  6. archit

    archit New Member

    Song on Cmaj scale. Cmaj, G, C9, Am all comes.
  7. xtremer

    xtremer New Member

    Hi guys ....I've tried this song, but i'm not sure whether it is correct or not

    Am C F C

    These chords keeps repeating throughout the song.....
    also try "Am C G C"

    Thank You..
    plz try n respond,If u get the exact chords plz post it........see ya
  8. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    umm i havent tried but it sounds like minor scale!! let me try and post again here..
  9. sleekman

    sleekman New Member

    hey guys i think its C F G C, sorry if im wrong
  10. zee

    zee New Member

    according to me i think its is
    F F# and G D
    F F# and C D i will check it out and post it
  11. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    hey all.. i havent hear that song, but from my memory.. try these chords

    Em.. G.. D.. Em..

    maybe the octave is different.. not sure
  12. srini_fox

    srini_fox New Member

    Strumming: (d: down, u: up, x: palm mute, -: rest, let the previous note ring)

    Am F C G
    |d u x d - u x - | d u x d - u x -|
  13. srini_fox

    srini_fox New Member

    That was meant to be:
    Strumming: (d: down, u: up, x: palm mute, -: rest, let the previous note ring)

    |d u x d - u x - | d u x d - u x -|
  14. music_genius

    music_genius New Member

    natpukullae chords

    i believe it is Am, F, G, C with the same strumming pattern d..u..x...d...u...x

    G scale is Em, C, D, G =)
  15. blingss

    blingss New Member

    hey i would like to paly this song i have the tabs..will be real useful..thanxxx
  16. gobgally

    gobgally New Member

    natpukullae chords

    hope this cords sounds correct if any corrections r there plz post ur suggestion

    -0---------------- -0---------------- -3------------- -0--------------
    -1---------------- -1---------------- -3------------- -3--------------
    -0---------------- -2---------------- -0------------- -0--------------
    -2---------------- -2---------------- -0------------- -0-------------
    -0---------------- -0---------------- -2------------- -0-------------
    -0---------------- -0---------------- -3------------- -0-------------
    while struming down play the 1st chord while returning up play 2nd chord(Am)
    this will come intro chords

    1 2 3 1 2 4 1 2
    natpukullae oru pirivu ingu vanthathu aen endru theriyavillai

    the above mentioned are the chords which i have given at the top this sequence of chords will continue througout the 1st stanza

    hope u ll enjoy play well all the best
  17. ela_new2020

    ela_new2020 New Member


    Hi Guys.. I think this sounds much better.. Try chord 'G','G', 'C' and 'D'.. And the tune repeats the same chords.. There will be 'Em' in da middle of da song.. Just try it out..

    The strumming pattern is like this

    G.... G...... C.... D......

    d= down
    u= up
    x= mute

    For more detail of these chords..

    G chord

    |-----|-----|--3--|----- (1st string)
    |-----|-----|-----|----- (2nd string)
    |-----|-----|-----|----- (3rd string)
    |-----|-----|-----|----- (4th string)
    |-----|--1--|-----|----- (5th string)
    |-----|-----|--2--|----- (6th string)

    C chord

    |-----|-----|-----|----- (1st string)
    |--1--|-----|-----|----- (2nd string)
    |-----|-----|-----|----- (3rd string)
    |-----|--2--|-----|----- (4th string)
    |-----|-----|--3--|----- (5th string)
    |-----|-----|-----|----- (6th string)

    D chord

    |-----|--2--|-----|----- (1st string)
    |-----|-----|--3--|----- (2nd string)
    |-----|--1--|-----|----- (3rd string)
    |-----|-----|-----|----- (4th string)
    |-----|-----|-----|----- (5th string)
    |-----|-----|-----|----- (6th string)

    Em chord

    |-----|-----|-----|----- (1st string)
    |-----|-----|-----|----- (2nd string)
    |-----|-----|-----|----- (3rd string)
    |-----|--3--|-----|----- (4th string)
    |-----|--2--|-----|----- (5th string)
    |-----|-----|-----|----- (6th string)

    If there got any correction, please let me know.. Thanks..
  18. jram00

    jram00 New Member

    It is C Am F C

    I think it is C Am F C. It sounded weird to see that the first and last chords were the same, but when playing it renders a lot better than Am F C G
  19. ashiq.guitarist

    ashiq.guitarist New Member

    Try this
    Am F C G
    with stumming pattern
    |d - d u -| This pattern keeps on repeating.. Try to play this with accordance to the song play.. only then it ll be easy to catch up with the chords
    - is palm mute or tap mute
    d is down stroke
    u is up stroke

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