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  1. arunkrlal

    arunkrlal New Member

    hopefully, u've listened the 'my brother nikil' by now. if now, go and check out. it's awesome songs. and great for budding guitarists ;) me :p

    so, someone plz, post tabs/chords for any of the song.
  2. ImR@|\|

    ImR@|\| GuiTar MaNiaC

    hey Arunkrlal can u plz tell me from where i can download my brother nikhil songs ?? in Mp3 format ..
  3. raj_aryan

    raj_aryan Moderator

  4. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    its available in the forum guyz ...just search for it !!!
  5. ImR@|\|

    ImR@|\| GuiTar MaNiaC

    Thanks :)
  6. arunkrlal

    arunkrlal New Member


    thanks anuj

    I got the chords for the song "le chale". My favorite song is "Bolo tum bolo" though. I don't know how many times I've listened to it already.
    So, if someone comes up with chords/tabs for this one, that'd be GREAT..
    thanks to all u guys..
  7. r1221

    r1221 New Member

    yeh bolo tum is such a good song, i have it on the comp, car and my phone!!!
  8. arunkrlal

    arunkrlal New Member

    I am still in luv with this song: "bolo tum bolo" . I am surprised that no guitarist liked the song enough to post the tabs/chords. From the sound, it feels like perfect song on guitar. Some intelligent guys ...please ...
  9. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    here r da chords of da song Le chale 4m my brother nikhil

    awesome song 2 play on guitar

    Le chale

    Chandni Muskuray Jab hawa kuch kahe
    Samjho meri sadaye hai tere sath me
    jo ghana fiza mein andhera
    Layenge hum sawere tere liye

    Le chale Le chale
    iyado ke iye kafile
    jayenge hum jnaha
    Iye jami asma

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