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  1. Guys can any1 post da the chords of da title song of josh's album MAUSAM
  2. dashingmoiz

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    Have U seen the vdo of Mausum? If no, then Right Click on the following link and Save it.

    Mausum - Josh

    Actually, Mausum is 30 to 40 years old Pakistani Filmi Song. I don't know the exact year but, it's older than me. In the beginning, the vdo has some clips of the original black & white song as well.

  3. YES i have seen da video it is damn good but i actually wanted was da chords for this song
  4. Guys i am still waiting for the chords and tabs
  5. atha

    atha New Member

    plz give me q link 2 download the mp3!
  7. lance4u19

    lance4u19 New Member

    act de song is on de g maj and Am.....chorous will b on g am c am g
  8. lodhra

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