req--------Linkin Park....In The End

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    req--------Linkin Park....In The End..............Leads+chords
  2. amit82cse

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    Real music is in following lines...

    I tried so (Ebm)hard
    And got so (F#)far
    But in the (Db)end
    It doesn't even (B)matter
    I had to (Ebm)fall
    To lose it (F#)all
    But in the (Db)end
    It doesn't even (B)matter
  3. amit82cse

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    D rest UDUD rest U U DUDU
  4. ssslayer

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    first of all ... for all linking park u havta take the drop D tuning ...

    that means the thickest string (6th) should play D (same but one octave lower than 4rd string) ...

    linkin park keep their guitars tuned down by 1/2 step ...
    so if the linking park guiatrist is playing D ... u'll have to play Db to play along with him ...
    better u tune down all the strings ...

    once u do that ... u'll see that Amit's chords are easier to play ... + they'll sound heavier ...

    but yeah dont forget to sharpen the chords ...

    where Amit has written Db ... first ya detune your guitar by 1/2 step ... then make it open D ... and play D ... (which involves open strings) ...

    hope all that made sense ...

    and Linkin Park use Mesa Boogie + humbucker pickup on guitar to get that heavy sound ...
    on EQ they max out Bass + little bit of mid + slight treble to make the strings fry ...
  5. amit82cse

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    Hey ssslayer...can you post the complete song with drop D tuning.
  6. ssslayer

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    posting tabs? ... man i am damn lazy ...

    hey but i think u have posted the correct chords ...
    what i said was that u gotta play those tabs using 1/2 step detuning + drop D (on top of of that) ...

    so whenever u are playing Db chord ... u play :


    bus thats it ...
    this tab seems good enuff:

    boss i can say one thing ... u got an ear for the chords ... good ...
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  8. alcholic005

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    hey ya'll need to quit listen to the songs and get to know them linkin park is the only thing I listen to
  9. alcholic005

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    somendra guiter who are you talkin about chester or mike
  10. guitar_kid

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    plz send me the tabs:D
  11. hex26

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    can u send me the lead part ?????

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