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Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by bb4307, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. bb4307

    bb4307 New Member

    hey does anybody have the tabs to dr zeus, kangna acoiustic mix, please

  2. lostsoul101

    lostsoul101 New Member

    ooooh i really want that too :) ... if you do get it.. could you please let me know? cheers.. xx
  3. bb4307

    bb4307 New Member

    i really want to learn it but no one seems to know it. tell me if u find it too.
  4. AJ110

    AJ110 New Member

    Here ya go...

    Here ya go dude... Enjoy

    C#m, B, A (over n over again, sometimes for some lines it goes C#m, A, B, but you can work that out)

    Hope that helps
  5. nl---18

    nl---18 New Member

    hi man....ajj110 ....plzzzzz..can u tell me the tabs to these 4 chord plzzz....u know i really cant work this outtt
  6. tejas_9889

    tejas_9889 New Member

    The entire songs repeats with D - Bm - A - D - Bm

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