req:kadal konjam-pachai kili muthu charam

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  1. gnrfreak

    gnrfreak New Member

    cud someone please post the guitar tabs/chords for the song kadal konjam from pachai kili muthucharam??
  2. ashxwin

    ashxwin New Member

    sounds like .. Bbm , F# , Db , G# ... I am not sure if the progression continues throughout the song.
  3. musicfire

    musicfire New Member

    The chords are same as that of Newyork nagaram but it is in Bb minor.
    At the end of the song, chords goes like Cm,Ab,Eb,Bb........
  4. roystonwilson

    roystonwilson New Member

    Any1 pls chords >>> Pachai Kili Muthucharam

    Please could any one send me chords for the songs from the Film

    Pachai Kili Muthucharam

    1. Kaadhal Konjam
    2. Karu Karu
    3. Unakkul Naan 1

    I love these somgs

    Please could any one send me these chords....

    This is my first request .....


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