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    The above link though has chords for hindi version Jaane dona' posted by a respected member of the forum..Maybe the same chords are applicable for kannada version as well.But a complete beginner would get confused where the chord has to be changed and all..Can anybody please post the chords of this beautiful song with lyrics so that we get a fair idea about chord transposition..please dont miss the strumming pattern if possible

    Song Trivia-The fabulous composition is by none other than the great Ilayaraja and is in three am posting the request in the forum for all the 3 songs..maybe i can get lucky somewhere!!

    The first song was in Kannada "Jotheyale" sung by S.P.B and S.Janaki picturized on Geetha and Sankar Nag(twin brother of Ananth Nag - the director) for movie Geetha.
    It was again featured in tamil "vizhiyile" sung by S.P.B and S.Janaki picturized on Mohan and Nalini for movie Nooravathu Naal
    Last version was in Hindi "Jane Do Na" as a solo sung by Shreya Ghoshal in the movie "Cheeni Kum" picturized on Amitabh and Tabu.
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    Cm (upstroke)
    Cm Bb Cm

    Cm G
    Jotheyali jothe jotheyali eruvenu heege endhu
    Cm G
    jothe jotheyali iruvenu endhu endhu

    Cm Bb
    Ooo entha mathadidhe
    Cm Bb
    nala nee entha mathadidhe
    Ab Bb G
    nanna manisina bhavane neene heLidhe

    Jotheyali jothe jotheyali eruvenu heege endhu

    Cm G Cm
    Preethiyendharenu endhu eegha arithenu
    Bb Cm
    savinudiyali thanu araLithu
    Bb Cm
    saviganasali mana kunniyithu
    Ab Cm
    olavina ee mathige
    Ab Cm
    karedhiha ee notake
    Ab Bb Ab Bb G
    koduve ninage bha preethi kaNika
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    can anyone explain this concept ...we south indian people use 'H' before the vowels...for eg. Geetha,chethana,gautham,harsheetha..
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    sorry not 'we' not from south india...
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