REQ: Josh - Meri Jaan

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  1. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    anyone heard this song ... cool song by the dudes !!!....... ;)
    post the chords if someone figures it out !!!...
    by n take care.
  2. fastianumair

    fastianumair New Member

    I tried to tab the song. These chords can b totally wrong. lekin chal jayega.

    Meri Jaan by Kabhi

    Deep within my soul.....

    but the Contra...


    To let u hold me... To Accept you in my
    G C

    I don't know if... Cause deep down inside
    G C

    Deep down i m in love

    Inside baby... You r my heart's...
    G C
  3. riffer

    riffer New Member

    yo bro. i also need the chords of JOSH "Mari Jaan" . really cool rhydm. plz plz plz someone post the chords and tabs . :Keep Rockin:

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