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  1. complete85

    complete85 The Grass Cutter

    anybody know chord for New York song from A.R.rahman's Jillendru ore kadhal...:help:
  2. ksdil

    ksdil New Member

    New York

    Can someone post the chords for the song "New York" from this movie please?
  3. zee

    zee New Member

    hey i can try post me the lyrics
  4. ksdil

    ksdil New Member


    Finally I managed to type up the lyrics :) Now its your turn zee.. Nandri

    Intro humming....

    New York nagaram urangum neram thanimai adarndhadhe
    paniyum padarndhadhe kappal irangiye
    kaatrum karayil nadandhadhe
    naangu kannaadi suvargalukkulle naanum mezhuguvarthiyum
    thanimai thanimayo (thanimai thanimaiyo)*
    kodumai kodumaiyo

    (New York)


    Pechellaam thaalaattu pola ennai uranga vaikka nee illai
    nilavin oliyil mutham thandhu kaalai coffee kodukka nee illai
    Vizhiyil vizhum thoosithannai naavaal edukka nee ingu illai
    manadhil yezhum kuzhappamthannai theerkka nee inge illai
    naan inge neeyum ange indha thanimayil nimishangal varushamaanadheno
    vaan inge neelam ange indha uvamaikku iruvarum vilakkamaanadheno


    (New York)

    Naatkurippil nooru dhadavai undhan peyarai yezhudhum yen paena
    yezhudhiyadhum erumbu moikka peyarum aanadhenna thaena
    Jil yendru boomi irundhum indha tharunathil kulir kaalam kodai aanadhaeno
    vaa anbe neeyum vandhaal sendhanalkooda pani katti pola aagume

    (New York)

    ()* skip it the first time.
  5. Abishek_narayan

    Abishek_narayan New Member

    hey pp.. was wondering if some ppl can help us with the chord of new york nagaram song..
  6. zee

    zee New Member

    sorry guys thank for the lyrics i think the song starts wit C F not sure

    still work in progress
  7. ksdil

    ksdil New Member

    To my beginner ears, it sounds like two chords all the way but I cant figure out what those chords are.

  8. ksdil

    ksdil New Member

    Hey Zee...

    I tried playing C & F... ummm I think C & Am sounds better... I will leave it to ther experts here..
  9. zee

    zee New Member

    im trying for the song
  10. ravenrulz

    ravenrulz New Member

    The song starts with these Chords : Am F C G
    Somewhere in the middle there is Am F Am G

    ARR writes real simple chord progression when he uses acoustic guitar... Great sound in simple chords.. just like Vellai Pookal From Kannathil Mutham Ittal which goes on E major scale with Chords Emaj Mainly and A Maj and B maj thrown in ,in the second verse...

  11. zee

    zee New Member

    hey man
    is the G chord either Gmaj or the Fmaj version on the 3rd fret cos the whole song seems to in minor or 7th scale not sure couse the chords are in slight high pitch but you guys keep rockin ME i will be rolling

  12. kkumar

    kkumar New Member

    The chords are here for ny nagaram

    Its an easy song. just three chords. It goes Aminor, F#, A minor, A#. all played as bar chords. the first chord is the f chord with the three fingers moved a step down. its gonna be fast. it repeats thru out. in the middle there is a small bridge which is almost the tune of the song and easily playable. the chords are played back again in the ending.
  13. zee

    zee New Member

    are u sure of the chords any way i will try and tell later
  14. prathapesp

    prathapesp New Member

    hey guys please let me know the chords for the newyork city song na im dying to play it
  15. jozko

    jozko Banned

    where can i get the song? i heard a newyork nagaram song somewhere. thought started C - x 3 2 0 1 0 and
    x 3 2 0 1 3 donno name

    waiting to hear song and get correct chords from someone here
  16. zee

    zee New Member

    kumar i dont think so Am is in this song C is perfect try little bit of Amaj and G7 or change the scale according to the song not the back round music but if you are sure put them in the lyrics and post them

  17. zee

    zee New Member

    hey kumar i dont think Am is in use plz check it out wit Amaj or the G7
    well im not sure if you are that sure why dont you put them in lyrics and post it

  18. jozko

    jozko Banned

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