[REQ] Jal humain itna pyar naa karo..

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  1. rudrarocks

    rudrarocks New Member

    i am requesting all teh experts to plz find and give me the chords of humain itna pyar na karo and other songs of the latest album by JAL::-BOONDH

    plz help
    "the time is now"
  2. Dhruvin

    Dhruvin New Member

    Bm A G.

    The strumming and measure's same as Woh Lamhey

    Also its sounds better if played with Barre Chords and muting the last two (High E and B) strings.

    Hope that helps
  3. shivanshjolly

    shivanshjolly New Member

    hi dude ! u need the chords of humain itna pyar ? here it is -
    E,B,and A or u can also play with F,C,and Bb ! it would surely help u !

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