REQ: Intro of Rivers of Babylon

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  1. anirb

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    I'm looking for the intro part of rivers of babylon by Sublime. This is what I have currently:
    opening riff



    But the last bar doesn't sound right.
    Please help if you know the correct way of playing it.

  2. rock_roll_satch

    rock_roll_satch New Member

    Can anyone post the chords of this song plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz??
  3. anirb

    anirb New Member

    Sublime Rivers of Babylon chords

    Here are the chords, strumming is D DU UDU

    By the Rivers of [G] Babylon, where he sat [G] down
    And there he [D] wept when he remembered [G] Zyon
    Oh when the wicked [G] carry us away in cap-[G]-tivityRe-[C]-quire from us a [G] song
    How can we singing off a song in a [D] strange [G] land?

    So let the [G] words of our [D] mouth and the medi-
    [G]-tation of our [D] heart -G- -D- -G- -D-
    Be [G] acceptable in thy [D] sight over [G] ride.

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