[Req] Idhu Kadhala - From Thulluvatho Illamai

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    guys can some1 pls post the chords for Idhu Kadhala from Thulluvatho Illamai ?? especially the intro n start of the song , it has guitar ... i'm not sure if it starts from Am , Dm , Em .. pls do check and post the chords .. thanks..
  2. deimos

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    can anyone post the chords for Idhu kadhala song?? and also for kanmunae enthanai nilavu song??
  3. deimos

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    Idhu Kadala
    Movie: Thulluvatho Ilamai
    MD: Yuvan Shankar Raja

    I think I’m in ....... |Cm7|G7|Cm7|G7|
    vocal (oooh oo) |G#|Fm|Cm/G|G#|

    Idhu Kadhalaaa.. |Cm|G7|Cm|Gm7|
    Idhu nilaikkumaa.. |Cm|G|Csus4(M7)|%|
    Un Paarvayil.... |Cm|G7|Cm|Gm7|
    Un vaasaththil.. |Cm|G|Csus4(M7)|%|

    Iravu thoookkam.... |G#|Fm|Cm/G|G#|
    Dhegam engudhey .. |.Fm7|Fm6|G7|%|

    I got from one of the site.. Still i have to try these chords (dont know howfar these chords are correct) :)

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