Req: Guitar Teacher in Salt Lake..

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  1. UsnishwithU

    UsnishwithU New Member

    I know ei dhoroner post ageo onek hoyeche but ami sotyii nirupai hoye porst korchi..and believe me ami onek ke contact korar chesta korechi.with no result...Karor sathe time match hocche na..karor sathe place..

    Please can anyone suggest me a guitar teacher in Salt Lake..??
    I am completely a newbie..but motamuti music sense ache..The only problem I have is I work in an IT company (TCS) so amar pokkhe Saturday ba Sunday ta preferable..

    Please help me out...thanks in advance!!
  2. Saptashaw

    Saptashaw PRO Tabber

    TCS-e Sammy-da guitar class nay. Aar ota khub-i bhalo hoy. Contact the Maitreyee coordinator. Tuesdays and Fridays after office hours class hoy GDC Auditorium Foyer-e.

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