Req for chords: Kaho kya khayal hain (Dewarists)

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    chords for the kya khayal hai by dewarist

    Here are the chords attached in doc file.. please correct me if I am wrong !

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    I tried and thought that it would not sound bad on a simple I-IV-V progression in c major.

    Here is what I am suggesting. It looks really simple but it didn't sound ok to me:

    [C] Dhadkano ki [F] taal baaje
    [G] Saanson ka ek [C] tara
    [C] Aangan mein [F] sajaye baithein
    [G] Sooraj chanda [C] taara // I guess "D" was a typo here

    Chalo [F] baant lein hum [C] zindagi //changed Dm to F
    Zara [G] aaj yun kar [F] lein
    [F]Kaho kya khayal [C] hai

    [C]Aap se do[F] baat kar lein
    [C]Yaadon ko je [F] bon mein bhar lein
    [C]Aaye hain hum[F] kuch dino ke [G]baad // same as above

    Let me know what others think...
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    typo... "*did* sound ok to me" :)
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    Hi Joydeep, thanks for providing inputs .. though F also sounds OK but I think as we are going to higher notes while {baant le} so Dm sounds much natural to me . But , again it depends on your perception.
    @nishnair - will provide the chords soon.. sorry for delayed response..

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