REQ: Endharo Mahanubhavulu by Karnatriix.

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    Guys I really need it. Please somebody help me. I'm having real difficulties in figuring it.
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    Guys its been almost a month. Somebody please help me.
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    this is going to require some sitting down with a guitar and then tabbing it...Its not hard what he is playing and am sure u can play it too if you watch and listen to him...i can't give u my word that i will tab this song but if i do sit down to tab a song then ur request will be the first on my list...till then keep jaming...
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    Thanks a lot brother. Im happy to see a reply. Looking forward for your tabs.

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    Still waiting for it guys. Please help.
  7. Hi bro,
    as you've seen... everyone seems to be busy in their work life, and this song no doubt requires sitting down and working on it.
    instead of waiting on the tabs, i'd like you to try and tab atleast parts of it....
    The song itself is based on the Carnatic tyagaraya Kruthi "endaro mahaanubhaavulu"
    The speciality of carnatic songs is that they are raaga based. they can be played with relative ease if you practice the notes of the raga that the song is based on.
    this song is based on Sree ragam of carnatic music, with the aarohana and avarohana (ascending notes and descending notes ) as below.
    Sree ragam:
    Aarohana: c d f g a# C
    avarohna: C a# a g f d# d c

    If you practice these notes in one octave a few times, you will be figure out most parts of the song that you've mentioned in the video above.

    Try practicing this:

    .......c d f g a# C C a# a g f d# d c


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