Req: Dr. Zeus Kangna Acoustic mix

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    Hey Guys Need some help regarding the chords of the acoustic mix of Kangna by Dr. Zeus.

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    It says page cannot be found...
    Khair, If you search on IGT you will find a couple of threads that was req by me... I think the chords are pretty near...

    Man, i know ppl get a lillte lazy but comeon... dont put a dhaba on your name... be more active, put in some strength and search for it... its no big deal... infact it saves time and your get a response right away...

    This is not to put down anyone... REQ songs that are not already requested....
    lately i see so many double posts... Dont you want IGT to live longer, where are is IGT going to save all your posts... Its a huge thing to provide such a huge service that to for free.. appreciate it...

    Thanks IGT ;-)

    Cheers :beer:
  4. slipknot_555

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    this part continues throughout the song
    once the above has bin played twice, the strumming also kicks in:

    just strum as you hear, putting more emphasis upon the higher three strings.

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    ME too

    i need them too so yea sendd them to me at
  7. guitar_kid

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    does anyone have the tabs for this song? im still a begginer

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