Req: Dil Ko Tumse Pyar Lead-INTERLUDE Tabs

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  1. nikbadshah

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    Hi Guys
    I know there are a lotta threads for this song but still i am hoping you check it and help me out with this one. I was looking for tabs of the interlude of Dil Ko Tumse Pyar hua from movie rehna hai tere dil mein. There r tabs of the song, but i do not want that, I only want the interludes of the song and may be the ending if possible.
    Interlude 1 timing: 1:28-1:44
    Interlude 2 timing: 2:14-2:21
    Interlude 3 timing: 3:18-3:32

    So, if anyone is a lead guitarist here and know the tabs for interludes then any help would be greatly appreciated.
    P.S: First interlude is the main one i need ASAP n the other 2 i can wait on a lil.But, please reply back to me and if u want my email, ITS:

    Thanks a lot
  2. samaybhavsar

    samaybhavsar New Member

    Even I search a lot but didnt found it anywhere...

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