REQ : dil aaj shaayar hi

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  1. bkrrao

    bkrrao New Member

    'am still waiting for some kind-heart to post chords for this song from movie "Gambler".
  2. nagni

    nagni New Member

    dil aaj shaayar hai!

    Here's how I play it; comments and corrections welcome.

    (The bulletin board text input was screwing up the locations
    of the chord changes, so I'm attaching a text file instead.)

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  3. Raaaghu

    Raaaghu New Member

    Thanks for the posting the song on request. Nice chords for the great song. But,I thought B7 could replace in B in few places. I am still a beginner though.
    Please opine.
  4. nagni

    nagni New Member

    Either B or B7 is fine

    I prefer B, but can be replaced with B7 in the
    second last position of the chord structure:

    hoN is taraf bhii karam

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