Req:Chords of song "100 rupai" by zeest band

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  1. abdulanees

    abdulanees New Member

    hey guys Zeest is once again thr with thr new song 100 rupai....
    plzzzz help me with d chords of this song.
    here is link 2 d song.....
  2. abdulanees

    abdulanees New Member

    I think intro is on D......
    plzzz sum 1 help me out with chords of dis song !!!!!
  3. rajiv.rajiv

    rajiv.rajiv New Member

    Chords for 100 Rupai

    The chords are D, G, A, D <---Intro
    D, Bm, G, D <--- Chorus
    D7, G, A7, D7 <--- in that verse chai bhi pini hai, pan bhi khana hai....

    Got it?????
  4. sugarpatel1986

    sugarpatel1986 New Member

    hey can i please get the chords of tum mile- 2009 title song guitar chords...
  5. abdulanees

    abdulanees New Member

    thnksssss rajiv.rajiv ur chords r sounding gud !!!!!!!!
  6. deadfox1

    deadfox1 New Member

    Can sum1 post the whole song wid chords...of da song 100 rupai by zeest...please help me m a beginner...plz post the whole song wid chords...!!
  7. deadfox1

    deadfox1 New Member

    heplllllllllllllllllllllllllllll me somebodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  8. deadfox1

    deadfox1 New Member

    help me wid da song 100 rupai....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. snapdragon

    snapdragon New Member

    whats the strumming in the chorus part...

    I use DUDU UDU for the intro verse.....

    Chorus also i use the same stums but as u stated change chords..... but when the pace increases im not able figure out the stumm... when they sing... 100 rupai mere 100 rupai... 100 rupai mere 100 rupai.

    need help on this


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