req: Chords of Sahar and our very own Chanrabindoo songs

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  1. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member

    i want the chords of this two songs ,and the mp3s too
    (if anyone has the mp3 please pm me.)
    1. "jokhon nirobe dure...." by sahar
    2. "kete jacche din........"by chandrabindoo

    the lyrics go like this

    jokhon nirobe dure..
    darao ese..
    jekhane poth bekeche..
    tomai.....****e chawar muhurtora...
    ke abeshe dishahara...
    ke abeshe dishahara.........

    kete jacche din
    thik panchta tin
    prai ondhokar..
    busstope keu nei kothao...

    I have heard both the songs on FM and will be glad if i can have the songs wid complete chords.
    thanxx in advance.

  2. Saptashaw

    Saptashaw PRO Tabber

    Prothom gaan-tar chords already posted. Gaan-ta Emajor theke shuru.
  3. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member


    many many thanxx saptashaw.

    anyone have the chords of the second song?????
  4. miss_wow

    miss_wow New Member

    plz tell me how to post ur request coz i m z new one here in igt so plz
  5. Saptashaw

    Saptashaw PRO Tabber

    Go to the forum you wish to post a new topic in. For eg, in Bengali forum, see a button called "New Thread" just below Bengali Chit-chat lounge. Press it.
  6. hotobhaga

    hotobhaga GraMMaR GoD :p:

    chole jachche din, thik 5:03, prai ondhokar
    bus stop-e keu nei kothao
    kichu mesh shabok, duto utko lok, holo rasta par
    bus stop-e keu nei kothao
    onek din bhola radio-e onurodher gan
    shondher shoshan, dak deya jaan, cha'er dokan
    aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa

    neel pakhir jhaak ora brishti pak beche porte thak
    bus stop-e keu nei kothao
    firiwala dak theme jay dure, chup kore jol'er noksha kate roddure
    jol'er noksha kate roddur'e
    aaaaaa aaaaaaaaa

    shoa ghonta dui, dolchhut chorui, kobe ashbi tui
    Bus stop-e keu nei kothao
    Keu nei kothao
  7. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member


    i havent tried it yet but thanxxx anywayz.

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