REQ: Chords for the song Pyar Maanga Hai tumhi Se

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  1. sushant_3k

    sushant_3k New Member

    Dear all,

    Can somebody pls. post the chords of the song "Pyar Maanga Hai tumhi Se" by Legend "Kishore Kumar"
  2. fahim2003

    fahim2003 New Member

    need these chords anyone??
  3. sudeesingh

    sudeesingh New Member

    well the chords go
    kabhi toh koi din aisa hoga
    jab meri jeb mein paisa hoga
    !00 rupai
    ghar se mile
    par 100 mein
    kya mile
    and the same patterm continues untill
    chai bhi peeni hai...
    here chords are like this
    Chai bhi peeni hai...
    paan bhi khaana hai
    yaad mein uski
    jalana hai
    and when this part is over the chords are back in DGAD pattern

    u can alo try with diffrent combination in the same pattern like CFGC or EABE but it sounds good on DGAD pattern......

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