Req : Chords for the song aaruiyre mannipaya from guru

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    My Version:

    (A)Dum Dhara Dum Dhara Mastai Mastai Dhara
    (E)Dum Dhara Dum Dhara Mastai Mastai Dhara
    (A6)Dum Dhara Dum Dum En Aasai (A)Thavadhu Un Mela

    (A)Aaruyire (D)Mannipaya (A)Mannipaaya
    (A)Sollu Nee En Sagiyai
    (A)Aaruyire (D)Mannipaya (A)Mannipaaya
    (A)Sollu Nee En Sagiyai
    Ohh..(Bm7)Nee Ilaathai Rathiriyoo
    (E7)Kaatrillathai Iraivaiy Aagaathoo(A)

    (D)Aanaal Ennai Vittu (A)Ponaal
    Enthen (D)Nilaa Sonthu (A)Pogum
    Maanin(D) Nila Thedi Pogumae(A7)
    (D)Mun Kovathi(A)yillai
    (A)Pithu Pithu Kondu Thaviten(D)Thaviten
    Unnai Enni Nan (A)Vaadi Poven
    (C#7)Nee Illamai Kavitheiyum, isaiyum (F#m)Sugame tharadhu
    (D)Ainthu pulangalin Alagiye(A)
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    He just playing the G C D thru out the song.

    I like mine, which is closer to the original. Except the D in the Aaruyire (D)Mannipaya (A)Mannipaaya, that was my improvisation. You must have felt that already.
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    Hi Senthil,
    Your chords were good, thanks for the effort and sharing.

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