Req: Chords for "Mere Naina Saawan Bhado"

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    Can anybody send me the chords for the song "Mere Naina Saawan Bhado" from the film Mehbooba.
  2. Bandbaaja

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    its in Cm and the raag is SHIVARANJANI
    look up the net on the raag SHIVARANJANI, and try to find out what notes go in that RAAG related to Cm.
    this was you will learn the SONG, you will learn the RAAG, and you will learnt o pick chords on your own, what say??
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    @bandbaaja dude that some nice piece of advice
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    Here are the correct chords:

    Music- RD Burman
    Lyrics- Anand Bakshi


    Guitar- (Cm-Cm6-Cm)..(Eb-Cm6-Eb-Cm-Cm)

    Aalaap- (C)Hmmm..hmmm..ha..ha..(Cm)haaa..
    Flute- (C)..(C)..(Cm)..(Cm)
    Guitar- (Cm)..(Cm)..(Cm)..(Cm)..(Cm)

    {(Cm)Mere naina (F)saawan (Cm)bhaadon..
    ..phir bhi mera mann (G7)pya(Cm)
    ..phir bhi me(Cm6)raa mann (Cm)pyasa}-[2 times]


    Strings- (C)..(Eb)..(Eb)..(Cm)..(Cm)
    Guitar- (Cm)..(Cm6)..(Cm)..(Cm)..(Cm)..(Cm)

    (Cm)Aey dil deewaane..khel hai kya jaane
    (G#)..(C)..dard bha(F)ra ye..(C)geet ka(F)haan se
    (C)inn hon(Cm)ton pe (Eb)aaye...(C)..aeyy..door ka(F)hin le (Cm)jaaye

    (Cm)Bhool gaya kya (F)bhool ke (Cm)bhi hai..
    ..mujhko yaad za(G7)ra (Cm) bhi me(Cm6)raa mann (Cm)pyasa

    rest is same

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