[REQ] Chords for Lost Cause - Beck

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  1. zoomingrocket

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    Hello Everyone...

    I need chords for the song: Lost Cause by Beck.... :help:

    Please post... :beer:

  2. akkyy21

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    Here,............... not my work,....

    (F) Your sorry (C) eyes (pick C to C/B) (F) cut through the (C) bone (C to C/B)
    (F) They make it (C) hard (C to Am) to leave you (E) alone
    (F) Leave you (C) here (pick C to C/B) (F) wearing your (C) wounds (C to C/B)
    (F) Waving your (C) guns (C to Am) at somebody (E) new


    (F) Baby you’re a (G) lost
    (F) Baby you’re a (G) lost
    (F) Baby you’re a (G) lost (C)


    (F) I’m tired of (G) fighting
    (F) I’m tired of (G) fighting
    (F) (G) Fighting for a lost (C) cause


    (A) There’s a (F) place where you are (C) going
    (A) You ain’t (F) never been (C) before
    (A) No-one (F) left to watch your (C) back now (pick down to an F base)
    (F) No-one standing at your (C) door
    (F) Ain’t that’s what you thought love was (C) for

    The only chord that u may not know from this is C/B,... so its {x,2,2,0,1,0}

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