REQ: chords for Aisi Deewangi from Deewana

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    My goodness..i cant ever forget the rage about this song when it was released.While divya bharathi was a hot topic for guys,her dress something new to the fashion world named 'tights was among girls.I remember every other girl buying it referring to it as 'deewana dress'.my sister too insisted to buy it and as i kid i hoped somebody would pay me attention and get me one too,alas! i dint get..:(

    anyways..i think Deewana,Anjaam and Darr,all of which were early movies of Shahrukh proved that the conventional hero of indian movies could be negative as well.And we speak of Shahrukh being stuck in same genre all the time..ha ha..when he was the first to start the trend of hero's in negative shades..SRK forever <3<3..n so sad for Divya bharathi..cutest thing to have happened to indian screen
    Kindly post the chords for this song or else get nostalagic with memories

    aisi deewangi (Deewana) - YouTube

    Komal :)
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    (C#m)Aisi deewangi dekhi nahin kahin
    (A)Maine......... (G#)iss liye. (C#m).... (G#)Ahhhh(C#m)aahhh...
    (C#m)jaane jaa(B)na, deewa(C#m)na
    Tera (C#m)naam rakh diya, tera (G#)naam rakh di(C#m)ya
    Haan, (C#m)naam rakh diya, tera (G#)naam rakh di(C#m)ya

    Tune (C#m)pehli nazar mein sanam mere (G#)dil ko churaa(C#m)ya
    Oh, tune pehli nazar mein sanam mere (G#)dil ko churaa(C#m)ya
    Oye, duniya se paraayi tujhe (G#)apna banaa(C#m)ya

    Bina (G#)dekhe tu(F#)jhe ab na (F#m)aaye qa(C#m)raar
    Har gha(G#)di hai mu(F#)jhe ab te(F#m)ra inte(C#m)zaar

    Rajesh :music:
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    Sounds too gud
    thumbs up sir!!!!!!!!
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    it sounds like the real song.isnt it?roentgen is the best!
    reps for u to post this comment!
    Komal :) !
  5. komal29

    komal29 New Member always
  6. arniehawk

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    no doubt
    his chords r always perfect
    btw aap kaha ho???
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    Thanks guys :)
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    can u give me a esy one
  9. jimihndrx

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    place Capo on 4rth fret and play these progressions:

    (Am)Aisi deewangi dekhi nahin kahin
    (F)Maine......... (E)iss liye..

    (Am)jaane jaa(G)na, deewa(Am)na
    Tera (Am)naam rakh diya,
    tera (E)naam rakh dil(Am)ya
    Haan, (Am)naam rakh diya,
    tera (E)naam rakh di(Am)ya

    Tune (Am)pehli nazar mein sanam mere (E)dil ko churaa(Am)ya
    Oye, (Am)duniya se paraayi tujhe (E)apna banaa(Am)ya
    Bina (E)dekhe tu(D)jhe ab na (Dm)aaye qa(Am)raar
    Har gha(E)di hai mu(D)jhe ab te(Dm)ra inte(Am)zaar

    rest of the song is same.

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    i m a beggier so pls give me a easy tab

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