REQ: Chhodo Na Mujhe (Version 2) Tabs

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  1. devdas

    devdas New Member

    REQ: Chhodo Na Mujhe (Version 2) Tabs/Chords

    Could anyone pls pls pls provide tabs or chords for this song from Rules-Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula
  2. neo_usafz

    neo_usafz New Member

    hey ne one have tabs / chords of this song
    chhodo na mujhe (rules)
  3. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    hey i also need the chords for this song :aggre:
  4. neo_usafz

    neo_usafz New Member

    hey man i got some stuff on IGT but still looking for more espacially TABS, plz help

    G Am C D
    Chodo na mujhe yuun bekarar sa....and continue

    Repeat the same chords...for next line

    G Em F C D
    Tumharee Dil ki hain yeh manzil....mera diwana Dil....Bolo Tum Bolo....

    and back to.....G Am C D for the humming part


    C Am
    Chodo Na Mujhe
    G C
    Yun Bekaraar Sa

    C G
    Tumhare Dil Ki hai ye Manzil
    Mera Deewana Dil

    F C
    Bolo Tum Bolo

    C Am

    (TABZ PLZ)
  5. jays08

    jays08 New Member

    Tabs tabs tabs

    I am looking for the tabs... chords are great....
    NEed TaBS... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    chhodo naa mujhe yun bekaraaar saaaa....

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