Req: Celebration of life tabs by Arooj Aftab

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    Found this song to be so very melodius and richly composed. Think of tabbing it out sometime ..but if anyone has tabbed this one already - please post! Also, the lyrics are easy to decipher from the song .. but if anyone has the lyrics appreciate if it is posted with the tabs/lyrics forum.
  2. sixstringsin

    sixstringsin ||||||

    The initial finger-picking she repeatedly plays is: (by holding F chord)

    e -------------1-----------------------1----
    B ---------1--1---1--------------1--------
    G ------2--------------2-----2--------2---
    D ---3--------------------3----------------
    A --------------------------------------
    E --------------------------------------

    The e string is always plucked upwards. The sixth note is lot more flattened and aint really sure abt that yet...!!
    &.. btw if u really didnt hear this song .. trust me this is one of a masterpiece composition from our sub-continent!

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