REQ-"baby when ur gone"-----by bryan

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    REQ-"baby when ur gone"-----by bryan :beer:
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    Very nice song played with Dm F C G chords.
    I use following strumming...

    down down rest up down up

    I've been (Dm)wandering around the (G)house all night
    (C)wondering what the hell to (Csus4)do
    Yeah, I'm (Dm)trying to concentrate but (G)all I can think of is you(C)
    well the (Dm)phone don't ring (G)'cause my friends ain't home
    (C)I'm tired of being all alone(Csus4)
    Got the (Dm)tv on 'cause the (Bb)radio's playing
    (G)songs that remind me of you

    Baby when you're (Dm)gone, I rea(F)lize I'm in (C)love (G)
    days go on (Dm)and on, and the (F)nights just (C)seem so (G)long
    Even food don't taste that (Dm)good, (F)drink ain't doing what it (C)should(G)
    things just feel so (Dm)wrong, (Bb)baby when you're (G)gone

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