[req]Any Good Songs Which Can Be Played Using These Chords

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  1. akashag

    akashag New Member

    Hi guys,I known D,A,E,Am,Dm,Em and C Chords,any good songs which can be played using these chords,
    Already know "Baby One More Time by Britney Spears" any other song please,no matter English or Hindi but shall be playable using an acoustic guitar.

  2. deshpandechirag

    deshpandechirag New Member


    Hey Buddy. Good for starters. Just learn G maj and you can play a whole lot of songs. knocking on heaven's doors.
    Nothing else matters.
    Good riddance.
    many hindi songs with one minor and two major chords formation. e.g. Tujhe bhula diya.
    and many more.
  3. akashag

    akashag New Member

    Thanks for your help,I know how to play G maj but its a little bit hard for me as a beginner but anyway thanks a lot mate :D

    All other replies are also welcome

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