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  1. notun_guitarist

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    Hi everyone, I am a new member of this wonderful site. still lerning guitar.
    can anyone plesae post the tabs and chords of the song "CALCIUM" by the GREAT ANJAN DUTTA...?? please, my exams are over and wnat to get my guitar practice going now !!
  2. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&*$@*^$

    Welcme to IGT notun ...................
  3. bassboy

    bassboy New Member

    ya....i need those chords too
  4. s_hossainac

    s_hossainac New Member

    hi all plz post this song chords..i like this song v much
  5. Osthir

    Osthir New Member

    The chords are pretty simple, but the hard part is the strumming. Just have fun, and you'll figure it out. Just one suggestion, hammer the index while playing C. That might bring some variation.

    "Calcium" by Anjan Dutta

    Doctor bolchhe calciumta kom,
    Tutor bolchhe onkota komjori,
    Chhotka bolchhe duchhai nei tor dom,
    Thamma bolchhe achar gechhe churi,
    Pishi bolchhe bokhe gechhe hindi chhobi dekhe,
    Didi bolchhe vishon un-smart,
    Dadu bolchhe shomoytai golmele korbe ki,
    Jetha bolchhe pendie ulkat.
    --- F------C
    Chhader pachil bolchhe ay ****e ay khali pay,
    Akash bolchhe gola khule ga,
    --- F------G(pele)------C
    Dupur bolchhe kanna pele, chhade uthe giye
    G--- F------C
    Shobai ja bolchhe vule ja.

    Jiger bam, jigger bam
    Jiger bam bam bam.

    And the rest follows the same pattern. Comments, suggestion... feel free to post. Enjoy.

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