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  1. villager

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    Hello all, Could someone please post the chords for the song Ananya by James. I seached the net for the chords but I can't seem to find them anywhere. It is an old song, but I'm sure someone out there knows how to play it! There are some excellent tabbers on this forum and we all appreciate your great work. Thanks in advance.
  2. myshihab

    myshihab New Member

    Yeah sure kenona...


    N the part "lajuk tomar chokhe..." okhane E major...

    Than Chorus..


    This is the progression i guess..... gaan'o nai.... mouse'o noshto... na hoy solotao post kortaam

    Amar khubi fav. gaan eta....

    Tobe dishehara ami ki pabo erokom ekta part ase.... ei charta chordei combination...
  3. villager

    villager New Member

    oshesh dhonnobak, khub bhalo hoyechhe!

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