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    Hi there every1

    I am imamul from Delhi, this is my first post.
    My journey with guitar started 5 years ago when i was in XI th class, i bought my first guitar after selecting music as my subject in my supw class, i bought it from Chittranjan.

    In the begin with the tabs given by our teacher in the class, the class in which only i was serious with music, it was probably due to my love and passion for music that i continued so long in such non musical enviroment. My friends and people around me always find me entertaining with my musical presence everywhere, i'm always singing or thinking (something poetic).

    My learning experience with Guitar started with a high passion and then a steep down, this increse and decrese in the graph of my love for it became frequent (the thing happens with every guitar learner i guess).
    i never found my music teacher very useful after i learned the tabs (he was always a show off with what he knew very less helpful) so my craving for learning guitar was fullfilled by internet.
    I googled around the net including watched 100s of videos and then steadily and slowly i excelled in it, but was never satisfied. i believe 90% of what i learned was from internet.

    But then after 2 years after my XII th class result results due to some undefinable emotional circumstances i pledged to never ever again. So bit adieu to my guitar and gave it to one of my friend whom i've no more with.

    Now after 3 years that love for guitar is re awakening in me. So i decided to re discover my passion for music and guitar.
    So i joined you people now.... and i am looking ahead for your help and comments

    And do comment
    Thank You

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