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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by kaiser, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    how many of ya can read sheet music completely n where can one lern how to do so.....?

    are there ny good books on this topic in the market?
  2. well i started of learnin western u had to sight read..
    then i got bored and learnt some
    well i had started up to sight read again ...then got bored again..
    i m determined to start it soon...will stick to it i hope..
    see u have to constantly read new stuff in order to improve...
    u cant read the same stuff again and again improve ur sight reading.
    it needs a lot of time and patience..
    1 hr daily for 4 months and ull start reading difficult pieces..
    theres a beginners book by W.G LEAVITT..prefarably use this one to start off..
    or melbays modern guitar method is also quite popular..
  3. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    hey thanks .........i real find it irritating when i got some sheet music in fronta me n cant play it cuz it looks like a whole lotta ants lined up a zigzag manner.......hehe

    but where can i get these books? online? or if delhi....then where?
    n btw, wher r u from?
  4. mel bay books are available in any music advice would be to start of learnin sight readin with a teacher for arnd 2 months ..and after that i think ull be able to manage urself..just see to it that the teacher doesnt waste time and rip u me ive been ripped off by a teacher when i didnt know much abt guitars..
    w.g leavitt books not sure...try to google search it..
    im in mumbai btw..
    anyway all the best man...and yeah mail sent ...

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