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  1. death angel

    death angel the messenger from hell

    While reading posts I came across many people who had problems reading tabs so....
    (If you know the basics of guitaring you can skip the strings and frets portion)
    The thinnest string is "e" or 1.
    The one above it is "b" or 2
    Then there's "g" or 3.
    Then "d" or 4.
    "a" or 5.
    And the broadest one is again "e" or 6.

    you must've noticed the thin rods on the long board thingy, they're called "frets" (and the "long board thingy" is called the "fret-board").

    Now you know where the tuners are,right? Joining them and the fretboard is a plastic thing, called the "upper-bridge" There'll be a fret touching it. Thats the 0 fret. As you move towards the soundbox, (the part which basically produces the sounds. Most guitars have a hole on it, so it can be identified easily), The fret number keeps increasing. (the fret after 0 is 1 and after that 2 and so on).
    In guitar tablatures (tabs) the fret to be played is denoted by it's number and the number is printed in front of the string it is being played on.
    The tab is like a time-bar. the notation written before is played earlier. For example:


    here you play the first fret of the 6th or the "e" string and then play the second fret on the 5th or the "b" string.
    That's about it. There is other stuff like hammer-ons, pull-offs and sliding but that comes at higher level but if you wanna know about them just send me a message (and a few points ;) he he he )
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  2. tejas_9889

    tejas_9889 New Member

    Thanx man ...... this helped me a lot
    welll i need some more help
    what are the numbers ppl here represent chords with .... i did not undesterstand it
    can u help me mann ....
  3. luvangel18

    luvangel18 New Member

    hi death angel..thanx..i got to knw more about playn a guitar wid ur lessons...can u please get me sum more about tabs and chords
  4. prataptimes

    prataptimes New Member

    saw some codes like h p , how play these things can anyone tell about it?
  5. ozguitarplayer

    ozguitarplayer New Member

    h means hammer-on so if it reads 4h6 you play the 4th fret and without plucking the string again you hammer another finger down on the 6th fret to make the 6th fret note sound.
    p is the oppisite of a hammer-on and it means pull-off so if it reads 6p4 it means that you play the 6th fret and without plucking again you pull your finger off the 6th fret to make the 4th fret sound. (You must have a finger already on the 4th fret when you pull your finger off the 6th fret, and when you pull-off pull the finger sideways a little to help it sound.)
  6. jain_dude

    jain_dude New Member

    please help me read this strumming pattern

    for eg i found these strumming patterns 4 roobaroo

    ddu ddu dudu

    i understand what u and d mean but wais with those space and underscore?

    Roobaroo ..RDB

    1....^^v^^v^V==== for A chord
    2....V--^v^v^===== for D chord

    how do i play this?


    1 1 12 12 12

    wat r 1 and 2

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