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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by lord_neo, Aug 7, 2003.

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  1. lord_neo

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    There are some rules for submission and Request, basically to keep everything in order.

    Submission: When you submit lyrics/tabs, make sure you type in the name for the artist or song followed by song name in the subject box and again in the message. Example: [Ali Haidar – Purani Jeans] or [Song Name – Movie Name], whichever is applicable.

    Request: When you make a request please type “REQ” before every request the artist name and song you would like to request. Example: [REQ: Ali Haider – Purani Jeans] or [Song Names – Movie Name]

    These rules will keep everything neat and tidy. Please follow them.

    We hope you make Lyrics/Tabs submission, but do not want you to steal someone else’s creations or any other material. This site will not be responsible in any way, for such kind of behavior by its members or visitors. We would also not be responsible if anyone’s creations or any other material gets posted on this site. We cannot verify each and every submission. DO NOT BLAME US!
  2. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs & Pasta

    Since the above post doesnt make much sense, i'm going to make some new rules so that this place can be completely transformed into a totalitarian regime, and be like lord neo wants it to be. Here they are:

    - No advert threads. That means that you cant advertise for other sites/shops/etc and make threads for them. Those threads will be deleted. And no, you cant make a thread, advertising for a site and say that youre going to provide the link through private messages. If youre VERY desperate, pm the adverts to members themselves, untill you get too annoying, start eating strawberries and are banned.

    - No sharing of "illegal" mp3s (or any other audio files). This is not a mp3 orgy. This includes talking about p2ps, torrents, etc. It also includes links to legal mp3 sites and illegal sharing of songs/albums through sites like rapidshare, yousendit and that lot.

    All that being said, you can use PMs to do the exact same things mentioned above. USE THEM!!

    - No [more] favourite guitarist threads. No more threads like "whose better: Satch or vai?" and things of that sort.

    - No more threads for prog rock/metal or extreme metal. Please post in the given threads, if you want to say something about those genres.

    - Search for the topic before you make a new thread.

    - Spamming in this part of the forum means anything that isnt related to music or guitars. So refrain from posting such things here.

    - No BDSM.

    If you have any meaningful suggestions or advices other than "STFU", feel free to PM me.

    I hope i've wasted your time.

    - Shsnawada
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