Re-jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Chords

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  1. bhaskarrao009

    bhaskarrao009 New Member

    PICS of jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Chords

    Hi Pranay,

    Thx yaar for the Chords

    I tried it in the C minor related to E flat scale with Cm,Eflat and Fm ,it sounds better

    E flat-- E flat, A flat, B flat 7
    C minor -- C minor, F minor, G7

    Try using it-

    Eb Cm
    jadu hai nasha hai


    Eb Fm Fm Eb
    tujko bhula ke ab javu kaha

    Cm Eb
    dekhti hai

    Cm Eb
    jis tarah se

    Cm Eb Fm
    teri nazre muje

    Fm Eb
    mein khud ko chupavu kaha

    Thx again for guiding me to the scale

    ive attached the chord formations in PICTURE FILES if anyone is interested


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  2. strings

    strings New Member

    thnx bro!!!!
    but i havent learned guitar through any classes or books.....
    plz be kind enough to explain me what u just mentioned in much elaborate way.......
    i understood nothing except that u have a seperate set of chords.....
    anyways i will reach home and try yours too!!!
  3. bhaskarrao009

    bhaskarrao009 New Member

    Gutar Basics -1

    Hey Pranav,

    Sure.U see in music we have different scales.Each song[tabs] is played in a particular scale.By knowing which scale the song is played on,we can easily play the chords of that song.

    For example the basic scale starts on the letter or note C and is therefore called the C scale.

    So it goes- C D E F G A B

    Now in between each of these above notes there is a semitone designated as sharp(#) of the previous note or flat(b) of the next note

    So if U start on a C note on ur guitar and go on playing successive frets on the same string ,ur fingers will progress thru the following notes-

    C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C ...and so on

    -note that betweeb B and C and in Between E and F there are no sharp notes.
    -now note that Csharp or C# can also be called D flat or Db and D# is the same as Eb

    I ve attached the PIc of the C note on the guitar so that u can see what i mean

    Now Jaadu HAI nasha hai was played on a scale in which the first note was E flat,so the scale was-

    Eb F G A Bb C D

    notice in this scale if U start on Eb note u have to play the Bb note for it to sound right.And this scale has it own set of chords as opposed to differnet chords for the basic c scale.

    more later

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  4. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    Great work
    Right chords...

    some reps for you
  5. strings

    strings New Member

    chord not right .....
  6. bhaskarrao009

    bhaskarrao009 New Member

    Chords are perfect!
  7. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    gr8 job bhaskar!!
    i like ur way of presentation with pics,,
    reps 4u!! :beer:
  8. Bazooka

    Bazooka New Member

    Gret JOB baskar,

    Chords are good Bro

    Reps 4 u.
  9. questionable

    questionable New Member

    Hey Dude

    I really like the way U have given us the pictures.Good work.keep it up.

    The chords are very nice.Thanks for the detailed explanantion for beginners like us.

    Reps 4 u indeed.
  10. strings

    strings New Member

    hey bhaskar y dont u post audio!!!!1
  11. bhaskarrao009

    bhaskarrao009 New Member

  12. Bazooka

    Bazooka New Member


    U r technology person--lol
  13. flyingbird

    flyingbird New Member

  14. strings

    strings New Member

  15. bhaskarrao009

    bhaskarrao009 New Member

    Sorry Pranay,

    I dont agree with Ur chords,They Dont match.
    I still think mine arec correct

    Tilll later

  16. questionable

    questionable New Member

    Hey Bhaskar,

    I played these chords at a birthday party last night.Everyone loved it.Thanks again.
    I think Ur chords are good.Sorry Pranay I think U r playing out of tone--please dont be offended or anything,just my opinion...........
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  17. bhaskarrao009

    bhaskarrao009 New Member

    Thanks all for adding reps..appreciae it

  18. astroguru26

    astroguru26 New Member

    bhaskar........splendid effort by you for the person to knw the formation of chords easy and simple way.........cheers..


    hoping to see you with new effort..a real breakthrough
  19. bhaskarrao009

    bhaskarrao009 New Member

    thx Rohit for those nice words,thx questionable,ansh,bandbaaja,bazooka and all others for reps

  20. jozko

    jozko Banned

    excellent work rao, keep postin more


    1. Also include chord fingering u used (like x22100) along with those pics. It helps beginners, like me, to clear the confusion regarding which fingers touch and which didn't. PIC is 2D hence could mislead too.

    2. include low quality video. greatly help starters and those who can't attend classes. like me. Also see flyingbird's request

    3. If possible help slow strumm audio

    I know all these take time, but hope u do it when u are in the mood to post.

    I will now check the original song Jaadu, haven't heard yet


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