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  1. redguitar_21

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    :beer: HI FRIENDS,
    im rajeev. yaar now i really needed chords for mairi(euphoria)and some adnan samis songs chord.if anyone have then plz give me. ok.
    i ensure u that i will give lots of songs chords if u start and keep continue our friendship. ok
  2. sumit

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    for euphoria songs go to
  3. rizz

    rizz *Always 420*

    yaar rajiv....i dont listen euphoria....i will send u adnan samis chord leter {coz my exam going on}...OK???
  4. fictional_real

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    tabs for mairi from euphoria...

    ok...guys. these are the tabs for mairi song of euphoria...its quite easy. in the actual song these guys went easy with guitars and stressed more on other instruments to sound better. these tabs will make the song sound better on guitars since i have modified a bit, trust me it sounds better....i dont know any shit about lyrics, i just got the tabs.

    <------------INTRO------------->basically it can be played till the end of the song.


    in the middle of the song....there are some chords to play...i'll figure that out later...please gimme feedback if u find some correction. :rockon:

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