rangoon mein intro needed in tab format

Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by Khzr, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. Khzr

    Khzr New Member

    can anyone plz give me rangoon mein intro tabs in tab format. thankyou bye
  2. Rashid.A

    Rashid.A New Member

    Intro for Jal rangoan mai

    Hi buddy this is my first post and guess what I have the intro. It was tabbed by my guitar tutor. I am new to playing guitar. Do you have the tabs to the rest of the song and the strumming pattern. Thanks

  3. Venus

    Venus New Member


    I was trying to work out the intro to rangon mein today for quite sum time. So fanks for posting it up there Rashid!!! :rock: U wanted the tabs for this song, so if you search for rangon mein, you will find them there. The third result down gives the best chords. It isnt however in tabs, because the song isnt played with tabs. Have a look at the chords though, they are quite easy to play so u wont find it a problem. Its only the strumming that may be a bit difficult, cuz that took a while with me. Have a look!!!!!!!!! :rockon:
  4. framed

    framed New Member

    its simply playing the power chords STRING - BY - STRING !

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