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    Hello, Everybody !

    ... fantastic this forum. Congratulations ... Long time I have looked for friends who like interpretations of Indian Ragas on the guitar.

    Wouldn't it be great to have a new Headline "North Indian Classical Music", too. - Beside the focus onto South Indian music ??

    Currently my radio show, I broadcast since 27th March this year as the single all years programme in the whole German language area for Hindustani (see English website likes to get in closer touch with people around the world.

    (Rec.: Since June there exist one English format already, called "StudioTalk" beside the regular monthly show "Raga CDs of the months" and the two other special features "From India to Europe ... FestivalReport" and "night of ragas" (6 hours live radio show of an Indian night))

    StudioTalk No. 1 "Music follows Behaviour!"

    If you are interested in the unique guitar player Mohan Bhatt, see -> "archives" -> "Midday Ragas" (show of 24th July 2006)

    All my radio shows can be downloaded cost free as podcast (1st registrate in one of the newsletter groups anonymisly) ...

    Don't hesitate to give me a criticial feedback ...

    Best regards
    IMC - India meets Classic presents ...
    - a broadcasting show for Indian Classical Music

    Mr. Lothar J.R. Maier
    - Initiator / producer & editor leadership -


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    IMC - India meets Classic presents ...
    - a broadcasting show for Indian Classical Music.
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    Not enough demand for a new forum. - Neo.

    Welcome to IGT. Enjoy ure stay.

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