Rabindra Sangeet Sheet Music

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  1. pkb

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    I have been learning how to play piano for the last five years. I have been concentrating mainly on western classical. I would like to get the Sheet Music for three of my most favorite Rabindra Sangeet -

    Aami Cheene go cheene Tomare Ogo Bideshini....
    Aalo amar Aalo Ogho...
    Bhangey More Garer chabee niya jabey Kay amarey Oh Bhandu....

    Can anyone provide me with the Sheet Music for these three songs

  2. Nishith@Mrinmoy

    Nishith@Mrinmoy New Member

    I Want to khow about Sheet Music

    Bhai "PKB",
    Sheet Music Bolte Ki bojhachsen???
    Western "Staff Notation" a, Naki Eastern "Sharalipi" te???
    Naki Chord???
    Chord Chaile dite pari...!!!

  3. somen000005

    somen000005 New Member

    amai pagla haowar badol diner chords keu dite paro????
  4. robin_tex

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    can u give me the chord of "noyono tomare pai na dekhite, tobuo roecho noyone".This is the Rabindro Sangeet which recently sing by arnob.

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