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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by sanjivdas, Aug 28, 2007.

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    My friend in Tokyo came across this american guy who's selling off his Epi LP100 as he is now buying a Gibson LP. The guitar is black, and is fitted with 2 DiMarzio PAF Pros. Its a couple of years old, and he was selling the guitar with an Epi hard case for 20000 yen, which is around INR 7000. My friend has picked it up from me, and very soon it will reach me. I want to ask LP players / owners a couple of questions here.

    1. Is the LP100 a flat top or an archtop?
    2. I have read of many people havig issues with the cable jack, is that true?
    3. For Tulsi owners - This guitar has dot inlays, and is in black, which is not my fav colour. I am thinking I'll hand it over to Tulsi, to be repainted in white, and the fretboard redone with trapeziodal or rectangular inlays, a la the original LPs. This should not be a problem I supose? Any idea how much it should cost? Can Tulsi do a sunburst?


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    Ooops...didnt see that you already bought it. im sure its a good guitar...make it white with black hardware :p

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