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    this is my first post to any site ever..(wow)
    i have a pretty stupid qs...but would be glad if you could help
    ive been trying to play thunderstruck (ac/dc)...and i wanna know..for the intro thing.. is it okay if i do the hammer on pulloff thing..4-0-7-0 with my first and third fringer...i know..technically it should be 1 and 4 finger...but i find it easier using..1 and what i wnna know is how other people play it...if every one uses 1 and 4 fingers then i guess its the right way to play...pls tell me
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    I would suggest doing it the right way.You are finding it difficult now but after practice it will normal.The reason you can not play that is lack of practice.Your fingers should be able to move on the frets freely.Try practicing!
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    I have a simillar problem 'cause my pinky is very small and i don't have total control over it. But i've been trying to use it, as much as neccessary. Only then i guess, will it become flexable. I say u try to use it. All it needs is practice.
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    even i had this problem some years back when i had a different instructor. he taught me to play without my pinky.....

    then i changed my instructor, and he made me use my pinky while i played. in the beginning, i thought that my pinky was weak and that i couldnt play with it. but my teacher made me play with it...... and today i m really comfortable playing with it.

    so i would suggest play the right way and soon you will master using ur pinky.

    and if u take the wrong technique now you will have problems in the future.....
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    I've been thinking

    I've never seen angus play this song live, but:

    I have seen a few guys who do this really cool technique of hammering using both hands. Anyway, with practice you can probably do it with your pinky but you might be able to do it faster/better with a different technique ;)

    basically, you'd be hammering on/off on the 4th fret string 5 with your left hand on the 4th string, and using your left hand on the 7th fret etc.

    Just a suggestion. I've seen ppl use this techniques with harmonics to make some pretty cool sounds, it works for a lot of different types of music depending on your speed and your setup etc.

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    From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    "Thunderstruck" is the first song on the 1990 AC/DC album The Razors Edge.

    The song peaked at number 5 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks. It was released as a single in Germany, Australia and Japan. Shown is the cover of the German release of the Thunderstruck single. The song is said to be inspired by lead guitarist Angus Young's hair-raising experience when a plane he was on was struck by lightning.

    Contrary to popular belief, Angus Young does not play Thunderstruck's main riff with one hand. Instead, he picks every first note and pulls-off every second note(citation needed). The one-handed tapping technique is only in the Thunderstruck music video and at their concert at Donington Castle in 1991 for show.

    The video which accompanied the single was filmed at London's Brixton Academy.

    The song is used for preliminary player introduction at Super 14 home games for the Wellington Hurricanes at Westpac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand. It is also used prior to the beginning of Chicago White Sox games at U.S. Cellular Field, and at tipoff of Seattle Storm games at KeyArena. The song is also the unofficial theme song for the Marshall University Thundering Herd and the Wichita Thunder of the Central Hockey League

    This song is also used as a basis for a drinking game at colleges and universites. The game is played by people standing around in a circle taking turns chuging the beer each time the word "thunder" or "thunderstuck" is said during the song. This results in varying lengths of people having to drink and some people having to chug for upwards of 10-20 seconds.

    External links
    -"Thunderstruck" at
    -Songfacts for Thunderstuck
    -The Ultimate AC/DC Discography

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    haha! good fun!

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