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Discussion in 'Telugu Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by kishore_nittala, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. kishore_nittala

    kishore_nittala New Member

    If anyone interested in telugu tabs then ask me.
    I have tabs for a few good songs.
    eg. Nee choopu chalamma (preminche manasu),
    O vendi vennela (little soldiers)
    udayinchina suryudinadiga (kalusukovalani)

    I will post them.
    I dont find much traffic going for the telugu songs and so i am asking if you are really interested.

    Any one has any chords/tabs on telugusongs, plz share them.

    I love my job, its the work that i hate!
  2. hemantgairola

    hemantgairola New Member

    BOYS (A.R. Rehman)

    Hello! Nice to see someone with Telugu tabs. Do you have tabs/chords for songs of the movie BOYS, music given by A.R. Rehman? Though I don't understand Telugu, I'm a die-hard of songs of BOYS, so if you have tabs or chords for any or all songs of BOYS, please do let me know. I'm dying for them!!!
  3. yahanvesh

    yahanvesh New Member

    Hey Kishore,
    Me too intersted yaar,hard to find telugu songs tabs,so do post them an if u have any chords of telugu songs can u please mail them to yahanvesh@rediffmail.com
  4. jimmy700us

    jimmy700us New Member

    dude! what ever tabs u can plz do and also any songs by illayaraja!!! especially abhinandana! post them yarr!
  5. bonson

    bonson New Member

    Hey Kishore,
    I really need some telugu songs chords. Ill appreciate if send all the songs that u have. Please send as soon as possible...U can send these files to bonson_6@yahoo.co.in .

    Thanks in advance...
  6. bmm07

    bmm07 New Member

    Hey Kishore,
    can you post "udayinchina suryudinadiga (kalusukovalani)" tab. Desperately need it.

  7. sorcerer

    sorcerer New Member

    dude....do u have tabs for "mellaga" from varsham??
  8. ady_mama

    ady_mama New Member

    tabs for "chelivo"

    Hi kishore,
    Do you have the tabulature for the song "chelivo .. naa chilipi kalavo" from pellaina kottallo. Especially the background score.. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  9. kishore_nittala

    kishore_nittala New Member

    Hi all,
    I am sorry for not replying. I am in Germany now and so its a bit difficult for me to post tabs. I was a lot busy and so didnt access the group. I will try to find out a way to post the tabs soon.

    Sorry friends.
    time ki respond kalekapoyanu :(
  10. vsc5656iit

    vsc5656iit New Member

    notes plzz......

    heyii can nebody gimme notes of oho vendi vennela song..plzz??
  11. kishore_nittala

    kishore_nittala New Member

    pls send me the link for the song and i can give you the full tabs in one day
    right now i dont have that song... but previously i have tabbed it
  12. bmm07

    bmm07 New Member

    Hey man Kishore,
    what happened to those songs you mentioned above. I need "udayinchina suryudinadiga". please post it.

  13. ykarthiky

    ykarthiky New Member

    telugu chords plzzzzzzzz
  14. didu?

    didu? New Member

    Hey dude can u send me UDAYINCHINA SURYUDU NI ADIGA song tabs...I would really apppreciate it
  15. kishore_nittala

    kishore_nittala New Member

    Am C Am C
    sumam prati sumam sumam vanam prati vanam vanam
    Am C Am C
    sumam prati sumam sumam vanam prati vanam vanam
    Am E
    jagam aNuvaNuvuna kalakalalam
    Am C Am C
    bhanOdayaana chandrOdayaalu

    These chords are not correct... but need only a minor change.
    Can anyone try these chords and tell me how close they are.
    I guess, you can also try with E and C.
    Please try and let me know...

    KIRANMAYI New Member

    hi kishore...cn i get d tabs 4 d songs
    na lo unna prema-premante idera
    pedavi datani-tammudu
    background music in jeans
    i will b vry thankful.....
  17. supaero

    supaero New Member

    I have reequested long ago. "" vennala ve vennala ve"" from movie merupu kalalu.

    in hindi : sapyne

    Prabhudeva, Kajol and arivand swami.
  18. suresh_007

    suresh_007 New Member

  19. supaero

    supaero New Member

    Hey, can u plz post " vennala ve vennla ve" from movie " merupu kalalu"

    prabhudeva, kajol and arivind swami.

    Thanks in advance.
  20. dinesh.kolimi

    dinesh.kolimi New Member

    i want tabs for the song new york nagaram frm the movie nuvvu nenu prema
    can plz send me those tabs

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