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  1. Double A

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    hi there .
    i just viewed your posts about Modes in which ionian and dorian modes wrt chords..are explained.

    i have some questions about modes if you can take time out and answer them..

    1. I saw an instructional video on youtube in which a guy explains all modes in 15 minutes. In it he explained that 7 modes in totality.
    He took E major scale pattern and drowned the pattern in E note and said its Ionian mode
    Then he went two steps down using same exact pattern and played, all the while drowning it in E. Said its a dorian or minor sounding Mode.

    Similarly he took the 3rd note of the pattern...put that note on the E, and said all the other notes line up to form an effect which is phrygian..all the while drowning it in E note. Also it sounded awesumly eastern and very *Phrygian*.

    My question is that if i want to use this phrygian or mixolydian mode, which is very much heroic sounding , for my solo's in E key. Containing both Major and minor chords ..How do I do that?

    Should I change the chords to some other set of chords..or I can play the major scale pattern in above fashion and it will sound heroic or eastern..?

    I know that for a major chord you can use all the major modes like Ionian, lydian and mixolydian
    and for a minor chord you can use the minor modes like dorian, phrygian, aeolian etc..
    But how to put that knowledge for a particular solo of a song is the big problem!

    2. If i am practicing a particular mode, just a single one ..which set of chords CAN i use for each one of the seven modes..Plz categorically say it for all the 7 modes.

    It will help me in sinking my knwoledge of scales in and improvising technique. As i am in a habit of recording a progression and practice over it for long period of time..:think:

    Thankyou and awaiting your reply
  2. Double A

    Double A New Member

    Help out ppl, really needed :help:
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Use your ears and brains.
    And don't get bogged down by rules like Dorian mode sounds good only on "ii Vm i" chord progression shit etc.

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