Purano Guitar Chords and Lyrics wanted please...

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  1. Kurien John

    Kurien John Banned

    Hi I am not a Bengali but I simply love Bengali songs. I dont understand the language either but I want to follow it. So if there is anyone who can help me with the lyrics and chords of the following songs I would be really grateful as these are few of my favourites:

    1) Purano Guitar
    2) Shunta Ki chau
    3) Boro Aasha
    4) Ei Rat Tomar Amar

    I have another list which I will ask you about later on.

    Hope somebody will write back soon.. Thanks and Regards,
    Kurien John
  2. Saptashaw

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    It's great that you are showing interest in songs of a language you are unfamiliar with. However, you shouldn't post your e-mail id. A couple of these may be posted before. Search the forum please.
  3. Saptashaw

    Saptashaw PRO Tabber

  4. Kurien John

    Kurien John Banned

    Thanks for the lyrics and chords

    Thanks Saptashaw,

    Thanks very much for the lyrics and chords...

    Kurien John

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