Punjabi Songs, Kangna, Chargay Jawani, and Romeo tabs!!

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    hey there guys. im pretty new to guitar and i juss learned how to read tabs. I know that chords for the song Kangna by Dr. Zeus are posted, but i need the tabs. Also, chargay jawani is a great song by jassi sidhu from the UK..if people can't find the song try looking for B21, which was his group before the solo career. The newest song im looking for is Romeo by Jazzy B. They all are great songs and i would really appreciate if sumbody could post the tabs for the songs!! Thanks alot

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    Desirocker, welcome to IGT. First of all when making a request make sure to include REQ before the song names. Makes it easier for the members to identify and respond to a request.
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    Sorrie my bad. I apologize for that...
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    i am also looking for punjabi songs' tabs on guitar. But, i've observed that this site hardly has any such tab. I'd like to request admins to make a note of it and also pay attention on punjabi songs here.
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