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  1. kanav

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    hey guys :help:
    my biggest problem in trying to learn a guitar is that i am not being able ti tune my guitar . the time till i was at home , i tuned it with the some software . but now that i hav gone to college i am not being able to tune my guitar properly ,

    my other problem is that i need some exercise to help in shifting my chords . i have been able to play the basic caged and barred chords in about a month but i am not being able to go the next
    step . my shifting is really slow and thus i cant make any progress .

    any help will be appreciated
  2. kevin_chris007

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    solution for prblem of tunning the guitar

    look there are many books acvailable in the market which not only help u to tune the guitar but will also help u in making a lot of progress, i've never been to any master i practiced through stuff's on the net, books that are cheap handy and best .morever the books contain songs that help u change chords quickly as u practice them.

    look my dear friend practice makrs a man perfect when i started playin' i broke around 50-60 strings and that's how i learnt..... so, read books and start playing major minor chord relations and practice as much as possible as practice makes a man perfect.......

    u can also make use of pitch pipe if your'e guitar is strong built or a foreign one, there are 2 types of pitch pipes basically one ie a single pitch pipe with the universal e note & one that has a six universal notes viz, E A D G B E u can either use these or can make use of a keyboard.

    enjoy! any more querries don't hesitate in writing to me.....
  3. Intrinsic

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    There's a small little device for 10 USD that you can pick up that will help tune your guitar. Takes the guess work out. If you want to learn how to tune on your own, then the device is going to retard your learning process.

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