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Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by Ayeshaa, Aug 4, 2006.

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    My friend's got a Compaq Presario 1500 laptop. She tried to clear her bios administrator password by making it blank and saving the changes. Next thing she knows, the power on password changed on its own somehow and it wouldn't let her in. We tinkered quite a fair bit with it. Even removed the CMOS battery but still no luck. Then on a whim, my friend took out the litium ion rechargeable battery as well as the CMOS battery. Then she plugged the Li ion battery back in and it booted fine without asking for the power on password. But when we tried to enter the bios setup at the next boot, it again developed that same power on password problem. This time, we decided to tinker with four dip switches located near the CMOS battery. We turned all of them to the ON position and then back to their original OFF position. And lo and behold! The administrator password was cleared and we could enter bios setup now. Now here's the new problem: my friend can't seem to erase the power on password. It asks for the old password. She gives it all the passwords she's ever applied to it but it doesn't accept any of them. Somehow, the power on password is being stored in some flash memory sort of thing because logically the password should be reset the moment we take out the CMOS battery but it is not erased or reset. Hehehehehe, my friend is ready to go insane over this stupid problem. Thanks.

    p.s. we also asked compaq tech support. Apparently they weren't too helpful. They gave a very helpful tip, that is to boot the laptop with a floppy and erase the password with a utility. What we couldn't get the tech support person to understand was that the laptop will only boot the floppy once it gets past the power on password. Kinda like a catch-22 situation. Of course, after bypassing power on as mentioned above, we tried the utility but it also could not erase the power on password. What the hell is wrong with this laptop???? <_<
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    Oh, hehe...someone edit that to "Power On password woes" hehe
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    did ur frnd get it from e-bay/some sort of a scheme ... or she got it from a compaq store ?

    it looks a bit wierd either ways ..
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    Do you have any other alternative?!?!
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